Site Survey

Site Survey

Full Site Survey - £500.00 + VAT (*FREE WITH ORDER)

*A full site survey is £500 + vat payable in advance. The cost will then be deducted from your invoice should you proceed.

Why have a full site survey done?

A full site survey is extremely worthwhile when considering a new steel building and can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Our experienced designers provide a detailed full site survey to assess the access, environment, suitability of an existing base or feasibility for a new base to be laid as well as specific requirements where a new building may connect to an existing building.

Our designers are equipped with laser and digital survey equipment to guarantee the input data is as accurate as possible for the design engineers. A designer will meet with you at the proposed site and run through your requirements and directly answer any questions offering expert help and advice to ensure your proposed building will meet your needs.

What will the designer do on the site survey?

A full site survey will be booked as a HALF DAY ON SITE plus travel time to and from the site (Full Day Allowance). An expert Steel Building Designer carries out a site survey to help with the design of the proposed building so needs to look at all aspects of the site. Measurements and photographs of the area will be taken to enable them to draw an accurate visualisation of the designs.

The designer is likely to ask themselves the following questions:

What is the ground like?

The type of soil the building sits on will affect how deep the foundations need to be. This is because different soil has different weight bearing capabilities and reacts differently to moisture and other elements.

The area around your building will be examined too to ensure the building will not encroach on underground pipes or sewer access.

The visual assessment of the soil will only be able to assess on a basic level. For smaller buildings this will be fine for the slab and footings calculations but for larger buildings and multi-storey buildings a full soil report may be recommended prior to estimating the groundworks.

What access will be needed or available once the building is built?

Will you need to get vehicular access? Do you require greater access for larger vehicles and plant? Will the new building take up the only available parking space? Can emergency vehicles access the property if necessary? Your designer will discuss these questions with you.

If your new access location requires you to cross somebody else’s land you will need to approach them for authorisation prior to the design and layout of the site.

The practicalities, permissions and safety of access points need to be considered. Planning regulations have special stipulations about access, which you can discuss up front with our designer.

Are there any listed buildings or protected sites nearby?

The construction methods, size and design of your build can be affected if there are buildings nearby which require special consideration. Construction can be seriously restricted if, for example, the vibrations will damage a nearby historic site.

Similarly, being in a nearby conservation area could restrict any planning application made if the construction or finished extension could have a potential impact on wildlife or vegetation.

Your designer will survey the local area and conduct thorough searches to check for any restrictions prior to visiting site to enable these to be discussed in person.

What is the best orientation for the building?

Your designer will examine the site and consider the aspect, views and exposure and incorporate this into their design. The future expansion of the building will be taken into consideration should additional space be required at a later date. Your neighbours need to be considered too. A new build which blocks light into your neighbour’s property is likely to be contested.

Building regulations and planning applications

Building regulations make sure your building is safe and fit for purpose. Your designer can offer detailed building regulation drawings to ensure your project complies with these.

We are experts in planning permission applications for steel framed buildings. Once your site survey is complete and you are happy with the designs, we can offer a full planning service to submit an application on your behalf, consisting of:

  • All existing drawings of the property
  • All proposed drawings (floor plans, elevations, sections, site plans)
  • A detailed Design and Access Statement (if required)
  • Heritage Statement, Flood Risk Assessment, Arboricultural Report etc (we will advise if these are required for your planning applications as these are all outsourced to individual specialists)
  • Site plan and block plan, Ordnance Survey Map
  • Application forms, transfer to local authority

Our expertise and thorough planning will maximise your chances of getting permission granted.

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