Doors & Windows

Doors and Windows

Steel Build Masters only supply and fit premium doors and windows in each building to the highest quality and performance standards.

Steel Security PA Doors

Designed for situations where building security is of paramount importance, the combination of a 10-point locking system and interlocking anti jemmy studs, ensures a combined defence against forced entry. The internal door design features 6 locking points that are connected to steel bars which are interlinked mechanically to the master lock mechanism.

There are a total of 8 keys provided, 6 are sealed and for the customers exclusive use – the other 2 are used by installers. Once the door is installed, the customers sealed keys will immediately change the combination of the lock preventing any further use of the two installer keys. This adds a further level of security.

The doors are insulated with glass wool in accordance with British Standard directives.

Security doors come in standard grey finish or can be powder coated to your desired colour.


Steel Fire Rated Escape Doors

Designed to exceed the harshest conditions when you require the best in quality and design. Steel Build Masters fire rated emergency doors comply with British Standard BS EN 1634-1:2000. Our fire doors have been tested, passed and certified by the Warrington fire Global Safety Laboratory WF report No. 15280 achieving F240 or 4 hours Fire Prevention.

The doors and frames are manufactured from galvanised steel. There are two vertical steel reinforcements in the interior of the door to increase both strength & security.

All doors are insulated with Glass Wool Fibre in accordance with British Standards directives BS EN 1634-1:2000.

Fire doors come in standard grey finish or can be powder coated to your desired colour.


Roller Shutter Doors

Roller Shutters are used in helping to prevent unauthorised access and vandalism to premises by adding an extra barrier between ”outside” and whatever entrances they may be protecting. We never compromise on quality and finish with our roller shutter doors. We do not supply or fit cheap security shutters as we value our reputation and our customers. 

Our premium range of roller shutter doors enables the perfect choice to be made based on the individual requirements. We provide tube motor roller shutter doors with a manual override operation in case of power failure plus single or three phase industrial motor operated doors for larger openings with a manual chain driven override in case of power failure.

Each of our roller shutter doors is custom made to the exact opening specifications of the building including safety mechanisms, security systems, wind locks, thermal insulation, glazing panels, wicket doors and finish. Every Roller shutter is available with options to suit the customers exacting needs.

We also stock and provide every component for your roller shutter to ensure that we can supply, install and maintain your roller shutter for years to come.

Roller shutter doors come in standard galvanised finish or can be powder coated to your desired colour.


Our premium quality uPVC windows are exceptionally energy efficient, keep your building safe and are wonderfully easy to maintain. Our premium UPVC window range includes a wonderful selection of colours and wood grain finishes to compliment your building. With a choice of handles, window sills and high energy ratings of A, A+ or A++ you can be sure that the highest quality of you building is reflected in the windows design too.


Window energy rating (WER)
As standard you will receive an ultra efficient 'A+' rated window. Our casement windows utilise some of the most advanced double glazing on the market and actually now perform much better than a standard A rated window, at A+, one of the most advanced in the country. Our windows easily exceed building regulations so you will have the peace of mind that you are installing the very best double glazing in your building.
Home Energy Efficiency
Our energy efficient windows will make a real difference in the winter and reduce your energy bills as a lot of heat is lost through the windows. The special coating on each pane of glass reflects heat back into the building. All of our windows are filled with argon gas which is extremely effective in reducing heat loss as it has a higher density than air.
Our windows have the highest security built in. Our locking system is sourced from Yale and with the option of shoot bolt locking ensures a highly secure window. All of our windows are internally beaded which means that the glass can only be removed from the inside. All window handles have key locking. All our windows have a two-stage locking system where the window is completely closed on the first setting but allows airflow through a small gap on the second setting, while still being locked.
Window profiles - Now with Optima
Our profile extrusion is supplied by Profile 22, one of the leading extruders in the country. We use the new award winning 6 chambered Optima 70mm system with an attractive sculptured finish.
All of our window designs are available in White, Rosewood, Light Oak, Anthracite Grey and Black-brown, and also woodgrain White and Cream. White on the inside with colour on the outside is also available.

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