Delivery & Offloading


Our standard delivery is FREE to mainland UK. The building may arrive on multiple deliveries depending on the specification and number of different components included. Deliveries will come direct from manufacturing and can include separate – Frame, Cladding, Doors, Roller Shutters and Windows.


Delivery normally takes 4-6 weeks for all products in stock. For those products which we don't have in stock, or custom order, delivery takes between 8-10 weeks. We will contact you to arrange a convenient delivery time.


Our normal delivery service is by Rigid or Artic Lorry and will require adequate access and surface to unload safely. Please inform us in advance if delivery location is hard to access - we will organise a special transport solution and advise any additional cost.

The vehicle transporting your building parts must gain access to the building site from the adjacent highway or road. Such access should be studied and prepared in advance of arrival. All obstructions, overhead and otherwise, must be removed and the access route gravelled or planked if the soil will not sustain the heavy wheel loads.


A forklift or other type of power loader will be required to unload the truck and move the heavier parts to the proper locations. This is the responsibility of the customer to arrange in advance. If you are unable to arrange a fully insured offloading service to include plant and driver, Steel Build Masters can offer a range of unloading services and haulage options at additional cost. All option can be discussed and quoted in advance.

When the truck arrives with the building, unload the truck promptly and safely, stack the steel parts evenly on blocks and protect them from the weather. Unloading and placing the steel parts of the building in the most convenient places for assembly will make the process easier and faster

DO NOT store materials on top of the slab or within the safe working area around the slab. The slab MUST be kept clear for marking out and taking levels. The safe working area around the slab MUST be kept clear to allow plant and crew to move safely without trip hazards.


No one knows your site, your location or the surrounding area better than you. For your driver it will most probably be the first time they have visited the area. As such, please share any local knowledge that will help the driver in advance of the delivery and during the delivery.

Your driver is there to help you and deliver your building in a safe and secure manner. Your driver is NEVER responsible for delays or accountable for the load they carry, they are merely there to deliver. Please be courteous at all times and do anything you can do to ensure the process is as smooth as possible.

Your driver will not allow the hand-balling of materials unless prior arrangement has been made. This is for both your safety, the safety of the materials and the safety of the vehicle. If unloading facilities have not been arranged and your driver refuses access to the vehicle, please respect the wishes of the driver and contact Steel Build Masters to resolve any issues.


Check your building immediately after receiving delivery – Without Exception.

Immediately after receiving your steel delivery, unpack and make sure that all parts have arrived as specified on the building Bill Of Materials (BOM), which is always provided in advance. Note that the building Bill Of Materials (BOM) lists materials from all suppliers and deliveries may be split (eg Frame/Cladding/Doors/Windows/Roller Shutters).

Please check delivery against the appropriate supplier section of the building Bill Of Materials (BOM). If order is not as it should be, please contact Steel Build Masters immediately.

If there is a mistake on the order, we will correct order only if notified within 7 days of delivery. If you fail to check your building and notify Steel Build Masters within these 7 days, any extra costs incurred will be the responsibility of the customer.


After checking your building, you may need to store your materials for a length of time before beginning construction. When your building arrives, it is important to do the following:

  • Store the steel so there is adequate airflow over it while it is waiting to be used in the construction.
  • Any water that finds its way onto the steel should be removed and the steel dried as soon as possible.
  • All moving and electrical parts MUST be stored in a dry environment away from any dirt or dust.

Failing to do this can result in the first stages of corrosion commonly referred to as storage stain on steelwork. If water is allowed to remain for extended periods in bundles of primed parts such as girts, purlins, etc, the pigment will fade and the paint will gradually soften reducing its bond to the steel. Therefore, upon receipt of a job, all bundles of primed parts should be stored at an angle to allow any trapped water to drain away and permit air circulation for drying. Puddles of water should not be allowed to collect and remain on columns or rafters for the same reason.

Please consult all manufacturer’s storage instructions. If you are concerned about your storage situation you should contact Steel Build Masters and discuss options for additional protection such as tarpaulins and coverings to aid storage.


Steel Build Masters are here to help. We always go the extra mile to ensure everything runs as smooth as it possibly could. Please always make us your first point of contact for any issue or simply for expert help and advise (we do this day in day out and have a wealth of experience).

The more information you can provide us in advance, the easier it will be to arrange a solution. Call our expert team FREE on 0800 368 9100 or email to discuss your requirements. We are always happy to help.