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Thinking of Installing a Mezzanine Floor? 

Why pay for extra square footage on additional premises when you can realise the cubic volume in your existing building? Rent, rates and insurance costs can be a large portion of your company overhead. All possible usable space has to be utilised and a Mezzanine floor installation offers an inexpensive way to achieve this. Expand upwards rather than outwards.

Mezzanine structures create space into Commercial & Industrial environments for a variety of uses covering Storage, Light Assembly/production, Office, Retail, Plant & Manufacturing Access Walkways.

Are you making effective use of your business premises?Is your business running out of space? Have you out grown your existing building but can’t justify a new building?
A mezzanine floor could offer your business a viable and less painful alternative to moving premises.
Contact Steel Build Masters today and see how we can provide you with a flexible design solution to suit the needs of both you & your business.
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Cost Effective Mezzanine Flooring From Steel Build Masters a approved supplier and installer of Space Industries products. 


Whatever the application for a mezzanine floor, we deliver a most cost effective solution to your floor space problem without the cost or disruption of moving premises. By making the most efficient use of the space you already have, we can help your business operate as efficiently as possible and combat the ever increasing costs of rent, rates, or even relocating.Operating throughout the UK, our mezzanine floors are designed and manufactured to the highest standard to comply with the latest legislation. The infinite flexibility in design of our structures allows for tailor-made solutions to suit individual needs. Our service includes a thorough detailed survey, preparation of CAD drawings, obtaining the necessary Building Regulations approval as well as project management.