What is CAD:

Computer-aided design (CAD) is a software application used as a virtual assistant for designing, modifying, analysing, and optimising various designs. It is a valuable tool that streamlines the drafting and design process across different sectors, with a particular focus on engineering and architecture. CAD enables designers to produce intricate 2D drawings and 3D models of objects, enhancing the visualisation and modification of designs prior to construction.

Why do we use CAD:

  • CAD software guarantees accurate measurements, minimizing errors from manual calculations or hand drawings.
  • It speeds up the design process, allowing for faster generation, testing, and modification of designs.
  • CAD enables easy and instant modifications without redrawing entire blueprints, promoting flexibility.
  • It facilitates improved collaboration and seamless sharing with stakeholders.
  • Visualizing the entire project can reduce wastage and optimize resources, leading to significant cost savings.

All our designs are created in-house, ensuring that we are readily available via phone or email to guide you through the entire process. Our customized CAD service provides you with the exact building you need, tailored to our high standards of workmanship.