Building Control

Building Control

Independent Building Control Pack Service

£2,695.00 + VAT

(does not include local authority application fee)

At Steel Build Masters, we are passionate about providing and delivering an efficient and intuitive independent Building Control service as an alternative to Local Authority Building Control that helps our clients to deliver a fully compliant building on time every time.

Our independent Building Control services ensure each project meets regulations and more importantly means that our clients have better control of timing and communication that is tends to be downside of using the local authority.

Our building control service starts at the outset of a building design to avoid costly changes later on down the line. We can check off materials and design specifications at the outset before even applying for planning to make the entire process a lot smoother

We can consider the groundworks as well as the building design and look at the thermal values and fire ratings for the required building at concept stage to make changes and offer options at an early stage.

Once planning has been approved, we coordinate and provide all inspections throughout the build process. This applies both to projects fully managed by Steel Build Masters or projects where a client utilises local contractors for groundworks etc.

Our independent Building Control Service includes all onsite and offsite meetings throughout plus visits from local authority.

If you would like to discuss building control requirements with our team please contact us on 0800 368 9100 or email and we will be happy to help.