Bespoke Services

Bespoke Services

Why choose us for Bespoke Services

At Steel Build Masters we excel in the design of bespoke buildings and extensions where others draw the line at square boxes. When it comes to Steel Frame Building design we really are the Masters.

Because of our extensive design skills and knowledge, we are able to fabricate a custom designed building and extension to seamlessly match your existing premises.

The cost and logistics of moving premises for a rapidly growing business is more often too expensive to consider but Steel Build Masters can offer a cost-effective solution to maximise your existing premises with a custom designed solution.

This can include extra storage and office space internally with a custom mezzanine floor, a mono pitch side extension to utilise unused space, a full gable end extension to the building or a return hip extension to a building in single storey or 2 storeys to suit your requirements.

The roofing and cladding can be matched to your existing building to satisfy planning and maintain your brand image.

As well as full extensions we can also maximise access with additional security and fire doors or a range of roller shutters to be retro fitted to your existing building.

Extensions can be insulated or single skin for covered storage only.

If you are considering a move or would like to maximise your current space, speak to Steel Build Masters and let us work with you to create something special to exceed your needs.

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