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Self Storage Options


self-storage-doors Self Storage Door

Our Series 650 Mini Storage Door is designed and manufactured with durability, quick installation and ease of maintenance in mind. Standard features eliminate the need for options or upgrades.  




partition Interior Hallway Partition Systems

Gliderol Self Storage Solution’s innovative interior product design features hemmed edges for smoother surfaces that you can see and feel. Hems on the starter angle, mid span, kick plates, corner guards, side channels and angels give the hallway a completely finished look and eliminate hazards that can occur with exposed edges. This sleek integrated system design increases the door integrity, making it stronger and sturdier. Features include:Movable partitions to meet your unit mix requirements
Corrugated or flush options
Protective kick plates, corner guards and more

lockers Locker Systems

Gliderol Self Storage Solution’s lockers provide a resilient and cost-effective way to offer your customers a small storage space at a competitive rate. In addition, they are an excellent way to utilize otherwise unusable storage space. Features include:Available in single, double and triple stack
Pre-hung corrugated doors
No exposed screws
Bottom and top channels provide additional strength to support panels
Wine storage available; climate controlled and secure

swingdoor Swing Doors

Swing doors offer an alternative to roll-up doors. The X-bracing technology reduces door racking, to provide a secure quality door. Features include:New 3rd Generation design has no sharp edges; therefore less risk of injury
Tubular design provides greater durability
Opens 180 degrees, a strong safety feature and space-saving feature
Pre-assembled for easy installation 



soffit Soffits

Soffits offer a bright and safe atmosphere for the owner and tenants, as well as provide a professional, finished look to the ceiling. Features include:80mm wide soffit allows for complete circulation throughout the entire facility
Conceals fixtures, such as HVAC ducts, electrical, plumbing and sprinkler systems.
Supports standard hallway lighting for additional reflection and illumination
Full soffit available for areas where fixtures are concealed. 
Options for surface mounted lights or 305mm x 1220mm drop in light kits.