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Building Regulations

Mezzanine Floor Building Regulations

The relevant statutory requirements applicable to the UK for Mezzanine Floors are as follows:

The Building Regulations 1991 (applicable to England and Wales)

The functional requirements are given in Schedule 1 with regard to Part A: Structure, Part B: Fire Safety etc. Detailed guidance approved by the Secretary of State for meeting the Building Regulations is given in the following relevant Approved Documents:

  • Approved Document A: Structure;
  • Approved Document B: Fire Safety;
  • Approved Document K: Stairs, ramps and guards;
  • Approved Document M: Means of access for the disabled.

Other approaches may provide compliance.

The Building (Scotland) Regulations 1990 with subsequent amendments

  • Regulation 9: Compliance with building standards. Technical Standards Part A.
  • Regulation 10: Fitness of materials. Technical Standards Part B.
  • Regulation 11: Structure. Technical Standards Part C;
  • Regulation 12: Structural fire precautions. Technical Standards Part D;
  • Regulation 13: Means of escape from fire and facilities for fire fighting. Technical Standards Part E;
  • Regulation 32: Stairs, ramps and protective barriers. Technical Standards Part S.
  • Regulation 33: Access and facilities for disabled people. Standards Part T.