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More and more people are experiencing the benefits of custom designed garages.

Create space and add value with Garages

No matter who you are, chances are you have assets that require shelter. Whether it’s a garden shed for your tools or garage’s/storage buildings, Steel Build Masters is dedicated to providing you with custom designed buildings that will suit your specific needs.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of custom designed buildings is the space they can give you. Whether you need room for storage or a place to work, sheds can be designed to whatever size or purpose you require.

What’s more, the quality construction of our steel buildings will provide you with a valuable asset and create greater value for your property or business.

Custom designed building options include:

  • Small buildings ideal for backyards and project sites
  • Garage/Storage Buildings perfect for storing vehicles, equipment and other assets
  • Buildings that can be outfitted for business use as workshops
  • Lifestyle buildings that can be used as extra livable space
  • Garages for caravans, boats, trailers and other large vehicles

All of our buildings are constructed using premium-quality steel and can be customised to suit your specific needs, from installing roller doors to choosing between flat roof and gable roof shelters.

We also offer a wide variety of colours to choose from, as well as security options, front and side entryways and window placement.

Most importantly, our turnkey service is dedicated to working with you every step of the way, from design to construction, in order to make sure you get the building you want.

photo 5 A Steel Build Masters garage is the prefect extension for any British home.
Ideal for the protection of that special car, boat or bike.
Skylights providing natural light, flexible design allowing the movement of personal access doors and windows to suit your specific requirements.
Extremely efficient cost effective design for simple household storage.
Wood Cladding
2012-03-31-13.03.08 Adding extra length and access is no problem and allows you to customise and design the perfect garage for your needs.
Additional bays and length can be added in the future, making your design flexible and cash flow friendly.
Ideal for self storage centres and other commercial applications.
Custom Garage
Swing-doors Increasing the length of the garage allows greater room that hobby or special project.
Removable centre mullion makes two front doors into one large door.
Side or front roller doors allow the garage to be customized to suit your block of land and required layout.
Multiple Car Garage
img_1949 Do you want a large garage but only one door? With a Steel Build Masters product, you can customize where you want your doors, and how many you need.
Ideal for projects and securing your dream cars.
Add a pool table and a bar and you’ve got the ultimate blokes haven.
Available insulation will also make it more comfortable when you need to live in the dog house.