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Terms and Conditions


1. Steel Build Masters Limited Payment terms for Turn Key (building + construction) projects are 50% on order 40% seven working days prior to delivery – 10% on completion date.
2. Steel Build Masters Limited Payment terms for sale only (no construction) are 50% on order – 50% seven working days prior to delivery.
3. Order is only placed upon cleared funds, all items remain the property of Steel Build Masters Limited until full payment is received, and any outstanding invoices will be liable to a £300+ VAT initial fine and thereafter a 5% interest charge.
4. Payment can be made by personal or bankers draft, cash, direct deposit.

5. Steel Build Masters Limited hard copy quotations are valid for a period of 21 days from issue only. Steel Build Masters Limited holds the right to change these quote prices at any time due to unforeseen product price rises.

6. Please note that all buildings are individually designed to your specification and made to order (bespoke) and therefore cannot be cancelled once ordered.
All advance payments are non-refundable so please carefully consider your decision to place your Order before doing so. Changes cannot be made to the building once the order is processed at Steel Build Masters Limited.

7. Wall sheets are designed to run past edge of raised slab to seal the building, if the building is to be erected on flat level ground, Steel Build Masters Limited must be notified prior to ordering to allow wall sheets to be altered accordingly.
8. Steel Build Masters Limited will quote roller door sizes – NOT opening sizes, and takes no responsibility should any type of vehicle etc. not fit in the opening. It is the Purchasers responsibility to ensure opening sizes are correct.
9. Building width and length dimensions quoted are internal slab dimensions and do not include the width of external finishes, roof overhang or guttering.

10. The Client is responsible for submitting and obtaining all town planning, building or other permits and to pay all fees and insurance as required by law or by the regulatory body (i.e. soil categories).

11. Delivery is only included in the contract price where stated.
12. Access for an articulated delivery vehicle must be cleared prior to the delivery date and a forklift or similar must be supplied for unloading at client cost, the client is required to be on site at the time of delivery to accept and inspect all products, if required Steel Build Masters Limited can meet & unload the delivery at a cost of £1,250 + VAT to include all equipment, plant and two licensed operators.
13. All deliveries must be unpacked and checked against the bill of materials immediately at point of delivery. Any missing items must be clearly noted on the delivery note receipt and must be notified to Steel Build Masters Limited. Damages or shortages will only be honored if notified on date of delivery.
14. If delivery cannot be made due to access restrictions, unloading restrictions or the receiver refuses to accept delivery for any other reason the client agrees to pay any costs incurred in forwarding, returning and storage of all products plus a cost for any construction time lost. A minimum delivery refusal surcharge of £595 +VAT will be charged plus additional costs.
15. Any lead times quoted for services provided/ goods issued are intended to be estimated only, Steel Build Masters Limited will make every effort to deliver services on lead times promised.
All deliveries will be made direct via manufacturer(s)/supplier(s) and may include several deliveries at different times/dates. In no event shall time be of the essence of the Contract as regards delivery and the Customer shall not be entitled to refuse to accept the goods because of late delivery. Steel Build Masters Limited will not be contracted to, held responsible for, or accept liability for any subsequent losses, damages or costs due to late delivery of the building, or due to circumstances out of our control.

16. Security of materials and the site are entirely the client’s responsibility once the product is delivered. Fencing of site if required is the client’s responsibility at all times.
17. The client should cover the materials from the elements until the building is to be constructed. The supplier will not be responsible for any deterioration or discoloration of the materials should the client fail to do so. All electrical and mechanical components must be kept dry.

18. At commencement of construction if it is found that the concrete slab is not as per Steel Build Masters Limited footings and diagonal plans supplied a minimum surcharge of £595 +VAT will be charged for alterations to the concrete slab and/or the building. All alterations required will be quoted in advance and must be approved before commencing.

19. For buildings up to 3m to eves a clear access of 3m level hard ground is required to and around all sides of the building to allow safe working and access for building materials and heavy plant equipment.
For buildings over 3m to eves a clear access and safe working area of at least 5 meters is required. Any restrictions in access and/or perimeter area must be notified prior to ordering.
All materials must be unloaded and stored directly adjacent to the proposed site with clear access to all sides for loading and lifting. All areas where plant and staff will operate will be secluded for exclusive safe use by Steel Build Masters.

20. A 240V power supply, water and WC provisions need to be accessible, in the event that these cannot be supplied a hire/fuel charge will be added to the invoice. A generator and fuel will be charged at £250 + VAT per week. Portable toilet including delivery, cleaning and collection will be charged at £100 + VAT per week.

21. Excess material supplied by Steel Build Masters Limited remains the property of Steel Build Masters Limited.
22. Should additional fixings be required other than that which is supplied, the purchaser will be charged accordingly.

23. Steel Build Masters Limited will not be held liable for any default arising from faulty workmanship or materials due to or caused by any other person or company engaged by the customer to perform work or supply materials in connection with the building.
24. Purchaser acknowledges that Steel Build Masters Limited has no role in the delivering and manufacturing of parts and materials and therefore holds harmless Steel Build Masters Limited in any delay of delivering of the parts and materials and further holds harmless Steel Build Masters Limited for repair or replacement of damaged, nonconforming, or missing Parts and Materials.
In the event of a dispute relating to the delivery time and location of Parts and Materials, and / or damage to the Parts and Materials, Purchaser agrees to hold relevant supplier and not Steel Build Masters Limited responsible.
25. Steel Build Masters Limited hereby assigns and / or transfers all warranties and guarantees issued by its authorized suppliers to the Purchaser. Purchaser agrees to hold relevant supplier and not Steel Build Masters responsible for any claims.

26. Conformity with Building Codes. Steel Build Masters Limited represents that its products and services are in conformity with Building Regulations 1991 Approved Documentation. (UK Building Code) Purchaser acknowledges that certain building departments may require additional engineering over and above what is normally required.
Any further engineering required is the responsibility of the Purchaser and Steel Build Masters Limited shall not be held liable for this.

27. This quotation has NOT allowed for a fire wall conditions to any elevations relating to the steelwork or cladding unless stated. Any specialised intumescent paint treatment or fire boarding to be quoted separately.
Steel Build Masters Limited recommend you contact your local building inspector for confirmation that this may be required prior to ordering the building