Timber Cladding a Domestic Garage
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Timber cladding, has evolved from an architectural style primarily used in agricultural buildings (e.g barns) into a popular design for residential garages and commercial buildings.
Despite its emergence years ago on the market, many consumers are in …

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SBM Aviation

Steel Build Masters hangars include the unique, maintenance-free sliding door system which is world renowned for ease of use, reliability and security. If space is a problem ask us about our unique internal wrap around sliding door system.

SBM Domestic

Steel garages offer a number of advantages over other possible designs. Ideal for the protection of that special car, boat, bike or extra storage. Flexible design allowing the movement of personal access doors, roller doors and windows etc…

SBM Equestrian

The Steel Build Masters equestrian range is based on standard designs so engineering costs and production times are only a fraction of a custom made building. Our Equestrian range is an excellent choice when you want the best production for your horses.

SBM Industrial

With clear spans up to 30 Metres and standard wall heights to 7 metres Steel Build Masters can design a cost effective factory unit, warehouse or large building to suit your requirements. All buildings come fully engineered and certified for your peace of mind regarding structural integrity. Foundation systems can also be customised to suit your specific needs.

SBM Marine

When it comes to our boat buildings and car washes there are no short cuts in strength and design. Customise your building with internal walls and lock-up bays, mezzanine floors or a skillion off one side.

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Site Preparation Concreting

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sb05sA building site should be level and clear of large rocks or old stumps. Vegetation must be removed and the site formed into a slight crest so water runs away from the construction area in all directions. It is much easier and more economical to do this before any assembly work begins.

In addition to a slab or floor, buildings require concrete footings below each column. These may be mass footings (concrete pads) or bored piers. They require steel reinforcing in the form of rods and/or prefabricated cages. Consult the footing plan provided with the building before commencing any work.

This page is intended as a general guide for placing concrete slabs, but similar comments apply to placing concrete footings. A soil test should be conducted to determine the suitability of the site and aid the design of footings.

Note that the below information is only intended as a brief outline of the basic steps required to place a concrete slab. Site preparation, concreting and erection of steelwork are best done by qualified and licensed tradespeople. Contact your Steel Build Masters who have extensive experience in all aspects preparation and construction.
All construction sites and shed erectors should comply with occupational health and safety requirements .